Electrical Duty Holder – Authorised Person Training Course

This course is designed to ensure candidates have awareness and competency in the role of the Duty Holder and the legal obligations they must meet and attain for the satisfactory performance of their role.

Course Content

On completion of the course, candidates will be able to

  • demonstrate an understanding of the relevant statutory regulations (the Health & Safety at Work Act, the Electricity at Work Regulations, Management at Work Regs)
  • demonstrate an understanding of the dangers associated with electricity and moving machinery
  • understand the term competency, and the assessment of competency
  • comply with company procedures and complete associated documentation eg: permit to work, risk assessments, method statements, etc
  • understand the requirements for safe electrical and mechanical isolations in a range of common industrial scenarios to NICEIC & ECA recommendations of best practice


To enable candidates to have a clear understanding of the role of a Duty Holder, and the roles and responsibilities  of those appointed or managing others in the role.


Those persons with the responsibility of a Duty Holder or being prepared for the role, and those who select candidates for the role of Duty Holder.


Candidates who successfully complete the theoretical and practical competence assessments will receive a Competence Certificate.

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